Vietnam runs the simplified energy and emissions model - Vietnam 2050 Pathways Calculator
12/04/2016 11:08:40

(TN&MT) - With this tool, users can learn about energy scenarios, the correlation between these scenarios with the vision for GHG emissions of Vietnam. This is the updated version of "Vietnam 2050 Pathways Calculator".


This is the first time that Vietnam applied a tool which supports energy policy and GHG emissions reduction in Vietnamese.


This tool gives users an intuitive and clear insight into energy and emissions scenarios in Vietnam. It is the product of cooperation between Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade and the UK Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The “Vietnam 2050 Pathways Calculator” (or the Vietnam 2050 Calculator) is an innovative web-based computer model, showing Vietnam’s energy demand and supply and how they interact with the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. It is an interactive user-friendly web tool that allows anyone with an internet connection to explore different energy and emissions scenarios out to the year 2050.


Last year, with the technical support of the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and financial support of the UK’s International Climate Change Fund (IFC), policy makers from relevant ministries and sectors of Vietnam accessed to 2050 Calculator, developed from the original energy balancing model – the UK’s 2050 Calculator.  However, due to the limit of time, Vietnam 2050 Calculator was not completed, mixing both Vietnamese and Enlish in the web tool, and there were no detailed scenarios for economic branches.



GHG emissions reduction is one of the top priorities of most countries


Meanwhile, Vietnam has great concern to the model of 2050 Calculator because of its scientific base and transparency, as well as its usefulness for reference in the process of developing policies related to energy and GHG emissions. Thus, Prosperity Fund of the UK Ministry of Foreign affairs has provided financial assistance to the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade to continuously upgrade this tool.


Currently, the tool has been updated and reflects new policies on energy issued by Vietnam, and adds more data and makes the data of energy consumption of industrial and commercial sectors, and households more detailed. The estimated cost for these scenarios and solutions to reduce GHG emissions are also shown in the model.


According to Mr. Vu Dinh Duy, Deputy Director of Safety Technology and Industrial Environment (Ministry of Industry and Trade), Vietnam 2050 Pathways Calculator can be used by not only policy makers but also public, academia and social activists.


The project aiming at support a certain locality to build 2050 Calculator at provincial level choose Da Nang to pilot this model development. It is expected that by March 2017, Da Nang 2050 Calculator will be completed. This will be a tool for supporting the government of Da Nang in making policies related to energy, establishing action plans and goals regarding GHG emissions reduction and green growth, then connecting them to the policies and objectives of the country.




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