ACCCRN: the basis for climate change resilience activities of Danang
14/05/2014 14:27:02

Following independent assessment activities for the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilient Network (ACCCRN) since 2009, on two days May 12th and 13th, 2014, VERULAM in collaboration with the Climate Change Coordination Office assessed subprojects in ACCCRN program.


The VERULAM surveillance team included Dr. Aditya Bahadur and Dr. Vu Xuan Nguyet Hong. The program had the following contents: (1) Impacts of ACCCRN on people's perceptions and national policies in climate change resilience, (2) Coordination between project agencies and partners in ACCCRN network at the national level, and (3) the sustainability of sub-projects and resources to maintain and promote the success of the project.


Dr. Aditya Bahadur và Dr. Vu Xuan Nguyet Hong
At the meeting with the Women's Union of Da Nang city on the morning of May 12th, Ms. Le Thi My Hanh, Vice Chairman of the Union said: “The Storm-resistant Housing Project is really helpful for people, especially poor women who are considered to be the most vulnerable due to natural disasters. At present, through the project, households have proactively prevented before, during and after storms to strengthen resilience. Moreover, households also strengthen resilience of the surrounding living area.
According to the project schedule, the Storm-resistant Housing Project will end in October 2014. However, to maintain and develop the achievements of the project, the Union will actively continue to maintain funding within the next 3 years for the areas outside the 08 wards benefiting from the project. Meanwhile, to increase the scale of the project, the Union will continue to coordinate with the Department of Foreign Affairs to attract the support of national and international organizations. Typically, from quarter 3/2013, Department of Foreign Affairs collaborated with the Union and ENDA Vietnam to submit project proposals. In addition, the Union also utilized project funding of the World Bank for low-income households to obtain loans for repairing houses, and one of the criteria is that repairing houses should take into account storm-resistant factors.

Meeting between VERULAM and the Women Union
Answering to the question of VERULAM: “If I were President of Rockefeller Foundation, would you advise me to do differently? In which way?”, Ms. Hanh said, "We will expand the supported areas, as Da Nang city is heavily influenced by natural disasters. Additionally, the level of support for people should not be fixed but depend on the needs and affordability of people. At the same time, it is necessary to support livelihood in addition to support for poor women to ensure affordability".

Meeting between VERULAM and DOET
At the meeting with the Department of Education and Training, Nguyen Minh Hung - Deputy Director, Director of the Project for Integrated Climate Change Education emphasized: The project is strongly supported by teachers and students. To assess the project results in raising awareness of teachers and students, the Department regularly assessed by survey to quantify the activity. Most recently, the Department collaborated with CCCO to hold the Golden Bell Challenge and Drawing Contest about climate change. This is considered as an alternative method to assess the understanding of students about this program.
One achievement of this project is getting great support from the Ministry of Education and Training, specifically the Department of Science, Technology and Environment while proposing the Ministry of Education and Training to issue Decision No. 329/QD-BGDDT dated May 25th, 2014 on approving the project "Disseminating information about responding to climate change and disaster prevention for the period 2013-2020". This is an important basis for implementing later activities of the Department. Besides, on the basis of Decision No. 1349/QD-UBND dated March 4th, 2014 of the Danang People's Committee on the action plan for response to climate change and strengthening protection of natural resources and the environment, the Department issued Plan No. 709/KH-SGDDT dated March 24th 2014 on "Promoting the dissemination of informative education in responding to climate change, disaster risk prevention and strengthening resource management and environmental protection in the sea of Hoang Sa district and the city of Da Nang".
Although the project has many advantages, the Department is also facing a number of difficulties to implement the project sustainably: Documentation must be updated, supplemented, in accordance the existing situation; Modern Equipment; Stable expert team; It is hard to integrate the subject into the existing full curriculum.
The assessment meeting with the Women Union Women and the Department of Education for the 02 sub-projects has been successful. According to the schedule, VERULAM will have another assessment meeting with the Climate Change Coordination Office and the working group on the afternoon May 12th, 2014.
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