Survey on energy consumption for 250 households in 6 urban districts
26/02/2014 09:40:06

 Survey on energy consumption is one important activities in DaCliMB in order to complete the database of the type and amount of household energy consumption in 6 urban district in Danang city.

The project "Support to implement the climate change action plan of Danang city - focus on climate change mitigation for urban sector" (known as DaCliMB) sponsored by AFD. The main objectives is to support Danang city for implementing mitigation activities for households and civil works. Therefore, development of database regarding to the type and amount of energy consumption of housholds and civil works are the basic root for estimation and forecast of energy consumption and GHG emission in the future, as well as proposing suitable measures for climate change mitigation of Danang city.

Since September 2013 to January 2014, through the support of DaCliMB's working group who are staff of technical departments, the project already collected basic data on consumption of electricity, fuel, LPG of business sectors and households and also data of relevant projects. Therefore, to complete this database, Asconit selected Danang Statisticial Office to conduct household surveys in 6 districts though tender.


Signing the agreement between Asconit consultants and Representative of DSO


In February 20, 2014, Asconit consultants had a meeting with DSO and CCCO to discuss and agree on the questionnaire and the survey plan. Accordingly, the primary objective of the questionnaire is to obtain data on types of energy sources and energy consumption rates by types of household in Danang communes (housing characteristics, energy sources and appliances used). The secondary objective is to obtain data on willingness to change energy consumption habits. Additional questions may be added but overall the survey should include no more than 40 questions.



Discussion on the questionnaire and survey plan


Besides, DSO also conducted the Guidance for interviewers to help them understand the questionnaires and the DaCliMB's objectives. Moreover, there were demonstration of questionnaire and survey capacity at Hoa Cuong ward, Hai Chau district in order to revise the questionnaire practically.


Demonstation survey for 01 household at Hoa Cuong ward, Hai Chau district


The survey team includes 11 members, 1 leader, 1 sub-leader and 9 interviewers. The survey will be conducted for 1 month and will be ended at the end of March.


                                                                                                                 Tung Lam


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