Da Nang could reduce energy consumption by 25 percent in 2025
31/10/2014 22:07:16

Assigned by the People's Committee of Danang City, on the morning of 30 October 2014, Danang Climate Change Coordination Office (CCCO) in collaboration with the French Development Agency (AFD) and Asconit Consultant prepared the Final Workshop for the project "Climate change mitigation for buildings in Danang (DaCliMB)".

Attending this meeting were representatives of the DaCliMB working group, staff  from departments and the local People's Committee of 6 districts, lecturers of the University of Technology, Architecture and Pedagogy. The technical session was held to collect feedback on the project results including: Assessment of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for urban areas in the past, present, and forecast until 2030; 30 priority projects in energy efficiency and savings and climate change mitigation; capital sources for implementing projects.


At the meeting, Ms. Vu Thi Mai Huong - staff of CCCO and project coordinator presented about the process of the project from its beginning in 2010 until its accomplishment. Accordingly, in 2011, on the basis of support from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for the city of Da Nang in implementing the National Target Program; support of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for the project on Reducing greenhouse gas emissions the energy and transport sector; support of the World Bank for the SUEEP project; of APEC for the project Low-carbon city model; CCCO recommended AFD to adjust the content for technical support from "Building local strategies for climate change response" to "Climate change mitigation for buildings in Danang (DaCliMB)" to avoid duplication of ongoing projects, and link with the results of other projects to build up climate change mitigation programs for Da Nang city.


Diagram showing the project process


On behalf of Asconit Consultant, Mr. Leo Genin and Ms. Hue Tam presented about the evaluation results of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for households and civil works; list of priority activities and potential projects for implementation. The presentations can be summarized as follows:


• For households, the level of energy consumption is 2700 kWh/year/household, doubling from 2008 to 2014, of which nearly 90% of households used gas for cooking, 32% for heating water. Gas consumption is 790 kWh/year/household.


• For the service sector, the number of hotels in 2005 was 72, increasing to 345 in 2013. Approximately 10% of hotels in Danang conducted energy audits in 2013. The average electricity consumption was 130,000 kWh/year/hotel, in which air conditioning accounted for 50% of electricity consumption and lighting accounted for 20% of electricity consumption.



Mr. Leo Genin - Technical lead of Asconit Consultant


Mr. Ho Quang Vinh - representative of the Department of Transportation appreciated the orientation and the selected technical content of the project, and suggested that the Consultant should add the monitoring components for priority activities to make them more feasible. Besides, most of the participants appreciated the results of the project, especially the database.



Mr. Ho Quang Vinh spoke at the meeting


Concluding the meeting, Mr. Dinh Quang Cuong - Director of CCCO and Program Director appreciated the great contribution of the project. In spite of being small-scale and short duration, the consultants worked seriously with close cooperation from the working group. Although the project has a number of problems in the starting phase, its results will be the basis for building up climate change mitigation and energy saving programs of the city. To prepare carefully for the afternoon session, the Consultant should clearly present the ground for developing the assessment and forecast of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.


                                                                                                                                              Mai Huong



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