Opportunity for Danang to attract international investment in climate change mitigation
01/11/2014 08:16:31

On 30 October 2014, Danang People's Committee in collaboration with the French Development Agency (AFD) organized the Final Workshop for the project "Climate change mitigation for buildings in Danang (DaCliMB)" in order to present project results and share lessons learned in management and implementation of climate change mitigation projects.


Whole view of the workshop


The Workshop was chaired by Mr. Phung Tan Viet, Vice Chairman of Danang People's Committee, Chairman of the Standing Committee for Climate change response and sea level rise, and Mr. Olivier Gravoinet, Program Director of AFD. Attending the Workshop were representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, leaders of departments and People's Committee of districts, staff of the working group, CCCO and Asconit Consultant.


At the workshop, in addition to sharing the process of establishing the project of CCCO, Asconit Consultant reported important results to evaluate energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in the past as well as forecast until 2030 for the 6 districts in the city; simultaneously announcing the list of 30 priority projects in the field of energy saving and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Accordingly, the Consultant reported: For households, the level of energy consumption was 2700 kWh/year/household, increasing two-fold from 2008 to 2014, of which nearly 90% of households used gas for cooking, 32% for heating water; Gas consumption was 790 kWh/year/household. Meanwhile, in the service sector, the number of hotels in 2005 was 72, increasing to 345 in 2013. Approximately 10% of hotels in Danang conducted energy audits in 2013. Average electricity consumption was 130,000 kWh/year/hotel, in which air conditioning accounted for 50% of electricity consumption and lighting accounted for 20% of electricity consumption.


Among the 30 priority projects, 3 projects had the potential for implementation including: Improving apartments for officials with the goal of 20% energy savings, the budget for implementation of energy saving measures was 370,000 Euros. New apartment project for low-income people with the goal of 30% energy savings, the budget was 250,000 Euros. Construction project of new eco-friendly multifunctional area with the goal of 30% energy savings.


Also, Asconit also shared some capital sources that Danang could access for implementation of these projects, namely:



On behalf of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Mr. Do Manh Hung evaluated this project as among a small number of successful projects at local level. In spite of small scale, it brought positive results and could be applied to other provinces in Vietnam. Moreoever, the orientation of the project is entirely consistent with the National Target Programme for Climate change response.


Mr. Nguyen Dinh Phuc, Deputy Director of the Department of Trade and Industry stressed that this project was meaningful for the city in that it focused on the urban area where there was not much research on energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Meanwhile, the urban area had a high level of energy consumption which was increasing rapidly. Therefore, he appreciated that the project results would serve as a basis for the city to implement activities for climate change mitigation, energy efficiency and energy savings. At the same time, he proposed AFD to consider supporting the city to develop the underground electricity system to ensure electrical safety and energy safety as Danang was prone to natural disasters, and the underground system would create a beautiful landscape for the city. 



Mr. Nguyen Dinh Phuc, Vice Director of the Department of Industry and Trade


Agreeing with the report contents, Mr. Le Tung Lam, Deputy Director of the Department of Construction appreciated the results of the project as Danang was implementing construction projects for energy saving. He proposed grouping the priority projects by sector, assigning tasks for each department and implementing plans consistently.


Speaking at the Workshop, Mr. Olivier emphasized that Danang had developed well-conceived orientations, and now was the time to take action to mitigate the effects of climate change.


To conclude the Workshop, Mr. Phung Tan Viet highly appreciated the feedback and  the project results. First, the project was able to assess the level of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of the urban sector for the city and forecast for the future. Second, the project set up the database on energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for urban areas; Third, it enhanced capacity building for staff of city departments. Fourth, it proposed a series of priority projects in mitigation. Finally, the project integrated results of other programs and projects in climate change mitigation, creating a basis for developing plans for climate change mitigation, green growth, and Danang as an environmental city.


At the same time, Mr. Viet made some suggestions for the Ministries and requested local departments as follows: Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Industry and Commerce should support Danang for implementing regulations on energy saving and energy efficiency, and implementing programs and pilot projects on energy saving; Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment should continue supporting Danang for updating the Action plan for response to climate change and building Action plan for climate change mitigation at the municipal level; Ministry of Planning and Investment should promote lists of projects, especially the priority pilot projects in mitigation, specifically from this project to attract ODA.


CCCO was assigned to continue coordinating with Asconit Consultant to complete reports following feedback from delegates of the Workshop. CCCO was responsible for playing the focal point in gathering data and results of climate change mitigation projects in Danang (Low Carbon City of Asia Development Bank; Planning for emissions and sustainable urban energy of the East Asia - Pacific region of the World Bank, Climate change mitigation in the energy and transport sector) to prepare content for updating the Action plan for Climate change response in the forthcoming time. CCCO was also assigned to coordinate with departments to develop outline for the priority proposals in mitigation and send them to the French Development Agency and donors to consider for future support.


The Departments of Construction; Industry and Trade; Culture, Sports and Tourism; Science and Technology; and Transport were assigned to consult the City People's Committee to adjust and issue the city's regulations on energy efficiency, energy savings as well as share information to build up databasse for climate change mitigation in the city; enhance energy audits for buildings; actively cooperate with one another in calling for support for implementation of pilot projects in energy efficiency; Renovating or Building new houses and other projects (green roof, rooftop garden...); actively propose new assessment indicators for Green Certificate and Eco-label for service products.  


Danang Power Company Limited and the People's Committees of districts was assigned to continue implementing programs to raise public awareness of energy efficiency and energy savings; organize advocacy campaigns to encourage people to apply measures for saving electricity and using energy efficiently; research and propose using techniques, technologies and policies to improve energy efficiency.


Finally, Mr. Viet appreciated the support of the French Development Agency and Asconit Consultant in implementing DaCliMB project. He suggested that the French Development Agency to continue research, review and support for other projects in climate change, energy saving and protection of natural resources of Danang city.


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