Priority CC adaptation proposal list in Da Nang period of 2011-2020
25/12/2013 09:54:44

According to Decision No.6901/QĐ-UBND dated on 24/8/2012 promulgated by Chairman of Danang city People's Committee regarding on approval of Action plan in responding to climate change and sea level rise for Danang up to 2020, the priority climate change adaptation proposal list in Da Nang period of 2011-2015 are as follows:





1. Assess biological diversity of the Son Tra  nature conservation  zone based on community,

build models of sustainable using of biological diversity resources not subject to the on land

conservation in the Son Tra  nature conservation  zone

2. Build the database on natural resources, ecological environment

3. Conserve measures and develop of marine resources in the context of CC in Da Nang

4. Enhance adaptability of coastal tourism activities in the context of CC; Build the adaptive

models of coastal tourism activities

5. Enhance adaptation ability to CC for communities live by growing crops – farming in Hoa Vang


6. Enhance adaptation ability to CC and SLR for the communities live by aquaculture and seafood

processing in Lien Chieu District (1,508 households).

7. Strengthen CC adaptation capacity for vulnerable subjects (disabled people)

8. CC impact assessment and scenario planning to build transportation infrastructure city CC


9. The works solution for farming areas affected by natural disasters and sedimentation and from

activities HoaVang County south (upstream Vu Gia river)

10. Apply the solution works to increase resilience to CC on Han River downstream of Da Nang

11. Apply the works  solution to increase resilience to CC for coastal areas in Lien Chieu, Da

Nang city

12. The works solution  for some frequent erosion routes

13. The trees development and protection  program  taking account into climate change

14. Support discharge (canceled) the vessel with a capacity of under 20cv employed by

exploitation of marine resources inshore in order to reduce pressure of marine fishing products

exploitation inshore. Research for policy support inshore fishing households change their


15. Research, propose of the flooding planning for Da Nang city

16. Research on coastal erosion due to Sea level rise

17. Assess the CC impact to land planning use taking into account of climate change

18. Build the scientific foundation for the integrated management of natural resources and


19. Research and application of new technologies for the management, exploitation and rational

use of natural resources and environmental protection

20. Enhance the awareness and ability to respond to natural disasters and CC for the fishermen

in Son Tra, Thanh Khe and Lien Chieu and Ngu Hanh Son Districts – Da Nang city

21. Build capacity and equipment to prevent local disaster (follow the Project 1002 of Government)

22. Increase investment in the multi-fuction house and against storm in the area of Hoa Vang, Ngu

Hanh Son

23. Comprehensive evaluate to enhance resistance to CC of water resource of city

24. Research on salt water intrusion due to the drought and sea level rise

25. The control program of city river water quality: Installation of quality control, flow and water

levels equipments; Equip with programs software to monitor, manage, analyze: Build the

observatories at positions: Ai Nghia, An Trach Dam, Cau Do water supply plant, Cam Le Bridge

water supply plant.

26. Implement some pilot projects for cleaner production; technology; transfer emissions

technology of "low carbon" and friendly with climate for some industrial sectors which are

sensitive to CC and SLR such as steel production, chemicals, metallurgy, electricity, mineral


27. Improve program of quality and clean fuel conversion for public transport means; propose the

energy solutions and environment to ensure for sustainable development (energy saving and

renewable energy); research the supporting policy for the clean fuels conversion

28. Carry out some models using the low carbon fuels to replace fossil fuels in areas of potential

qualified substitute (rice husk, straw ...)

29. Develop program of using uncalcined materials in construction

30. Grow vetiver grass to prevent erosion for Cu De river throughing the Truong Dinh and Quang

Nam 3 villages in  Hoa Vang District, Da Nang city and improve the capacity of disaster prevention

in the context of CC

31. Enhance ability to respond to CC for health system in HoaVang District, Da NangCity

32. Assess model of disease patterns related to CC in Da Nang city and propose the CC

adaptation measures of the health sector


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