Danang Climate Change Coordination Office
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Danang Climate Change Coordination Office (CCCO) was established under Decision No. 2140/QD-UBND dated March 21, 2011 and was strengthened under Decision No. 3246/QD-UBND dated May 14, 2013 of the Vice Chairman of Danang People's Committee.

1. Establishment
The research and study on 3 cities Danang, Binh Dinh and
Can Tho in Phase 2 (2008-2009) of the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilient Network (ACCCRN) sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation show that it is of great importance to establish a government office with full rights and obligations responsible for planning and coordinating climate change response activities, and promoting integration of climate change resilience concept into urban planning.

Meanwhile, the National Target Program for Climate Change Response requires local governments to develop climate change action plans. Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has provided guidance on this issue, however, technical and human resources for implementing these actions plances are still limited at the city level. The establishment of a Climate Change Coordination Office (CCCO) will help strengthen the capacity of local authorities in planning and implementation of climate change adaptation activities  systematically, as well as promote connection with other cities in Vietnam and the world for experience sharing 


2. Organizational Structure
In 2011, Danang CCCO was established under Decision 2140/QD-UBND dated March 21 2011 of Danang People's Committee of Da Nang. In 2013, the CCCO is strengthened by the People's Committee under Decision No. 3246/QD-UBND dated May 14 2013.
CCCO is the agency assisting the Dang Steering Committee for Climate Change Response and Sea Level Rise to implement "Plan for responding to climate change and sea level rise in Da Nang by 2020", and coordinate climate change projects in Da Nang funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and other duties assigned by the Chairman the Steering Committee.
CCCO has legal status, seal and a separate account at the Commercial Bank as prescribed. The headquarter of CCCO is located at the Office of the People's Committee, 42 Bach Dang Street, Hai Chau District, Danang City.
Organizational Structure: the Office has one Director, one Vice Director, and full-time coordinators as prescribed. 

3. Functions and Mandate
- To advise and assist the Steering Committee for Climate Change Response and Sea Level Rise in building programs, plans and projects and implementing after approval.
- To assist the Steering Committee in coordinating activities and international cooperation in climate change response, to seek funding to improve management capacity in climate change response.
- To directly contact with the relevant departments and agencies as authorized by the Chairman of the Steering Committee.
- To coordinate development of proposals for funding of climate change projects.
- To implement communications programs raising awareness about climate change,... 
- Technical support for activities of governments and international organizations; support for stakeholders to access SP-RCC capital of the Government, MPI, MONRE, and overseas for climate change adaptation activities.
4. Past and current activities
Advising the City People's Committee to develop action plans for climate change response using analysis from existing assessment and plans, from exchange and consultation with various departments and groups through the climate change working groups, the People's Committee of districts, and guidance of the Steering Committee on Climate Change;
Support the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism for assessment of vulnerability based on GIS maps, use climate change forecasts to develop Climate Change Action Plan for the tourism sector;
Support partner organizations to prepare outline for project funding, for example: Storm-resistant housing for a resilient Danang City, Building Urban Climate Resilience through Integrative Education in Da Nang, Pathways to Water Resilience in Da Nang City: A Comprehensive; 
Mobilizing local officials and community participation in participatory planning in Hoa Tho Tay Ward of Cam Le District and Xuan Ha Ward of Thanh Khe District;  
Establishing Climate change communication groups, building and implementating programs to raise awareness about climate change through workshops in departments and districts to train government officials on how to build community-based assessment of climate change vulnerability; building communication programs with rich content in various forms.
Establishing and coordinating activities of the working groups to assist the Steering Committee, capacity building for department officials through training workshops for climate change working groups and government officials at the district level to provide knowledge and information on climate change and its vulnerability, building climate change database, climate change resilience index, proposal for funding of intervention projects and action plans for climate change adaptation of Danang;
Coordinating with the Hydrometeorology Station of the Central area and the Center for Flood Prevention and Mitigation of Disasters to conduct feasibility study and design the flood early warning system for Da Nang;
Coordinating with the Water Supply Company Ltd, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Department of Irrigation and Flood Control to develop the city's adaption index for basic indicators (water supply, tourism and flood prevention);
Coordinate (expected) with Department of Planning and Investment to integrate climate change concept into Danang master plan for socioeconomic development. 
5. Contact

            Contact information of Danang CCCO, Vietnam


Dinh Quang Cuong



42 Bach Dang, Da Nang

Tell: 0913 075 072

Fax: 05113. 825.321





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