Da Nang about to release the Resilience Strategy
18/08/2016 11:25:16

Da Nang City is coming closer to the milestone of Resilience Strategy release in this September. On August 10, Da Nang Climate Change Coordination Office (CCCO) organized the third consultation meeting of its kind to collect suggestions and reviews for the Strategy. Participants included former heads of the city, experts, and representatives of related municipal departments and agencies. 

The consultation meeting consisted of two sessions: 1) Summary of Resilience Strategy and 2) Discussion. Generally, Resilience Strategy of Da Nang shows analysis of changes in resilience of the city chronologically, present challenges and predictions under the view of resilience, thereby identifying visions and strategic objectives as well as actions and initiatives to enhance the city’s resilience.

Due to geographical conditions, Da Nang is vulnerable to extreme weather events such as typhoons, floods, heat waves and droughts... Climate change can increase negatives impacts of these events in terms of tensity, frequency and impact prediction capacity. Besides, rapid socio-economic development and urbanization have put more pressure of livelihood and social security on the city. Both factors have caused the key challenges facing the city, including:

- How can the city be resilient against disasters, ensuring safe places for citizens to live, work and recreate? 

- How can the city own a dynamic economy during global integration and citizens live in peace against shocks and stresses?

- How can the city develop well-prepared infrastructure and environment to adapt to climate change, heading toward sustainable development?

- How can the city develop strong and connected information sharing systems, contributing to disaster early warning?


According to these analyses, Da Nang Resilience Strategy will help to develop Da Nang into a Peaceful, Dynamic, Prepared and Connected City in a changing world, with strategic objectives including:

A peaceful city: A city that removes fear and anxiety away from places where residents live, work and recreate;

A dynamic city: A city with a dynamic economy that works in partnership with people and businesses to meet needs in a changing world;

A prepared city: A city with infrastructure systems which can recover from shocks, and are well-prepared for challenges posed by development 

A connected city: A city where knowledge is driven by meaningful information sharing.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Huynh Phuoc Thanh highly appreciated the efforts of CCCO in developing the Strategy. He emphasized that the Strategy has properly analysed and identified current situations of the city, which can be the important foundation for initiative and action suggestions to deal with shortcomings of the city. The approach proposed in the Strategy has strong scientific base, ensuring equality to people from all walks of life.


According to Mr. Bui Van Tieng, it is essential to make the Strategy consistent to other socio-economic development plans of the city, in order to enhance Da Nang’s resilience in a comprehensive and sustainable way. Currently, proposed actions are funded by outner resources. This may lead to the opion among city authorities of that resilience building is not the key mission.


Mr. Bui Van Tieng speaks at the meeting


Vice Director of Department of Industry and Trade said that the city needs to conduct further analysis into proposed actions and initiatives. Currently, several programs and plans regarding housing, social security and employment are implemented by municipal departments and agencies; thus, the Strategy has to clearly identify how to integrate these existing programs and plans into proposed actions and initiatives so that the city can make the best use of inner resources as well as maximizing the efficiency of those actions.


Declaring the end of the meeting, Mr. Dinh Quang Cuong, Director of CCCO highly appreciated the participation and suggestions of all attendees. CCCO will collect recommendations to adjust and complete Da Nang Resilience Strategy. In the future, CCCO will organize another consultation meeting with the city leaders before Strategy release in this September.



Mr. Dinh Quang Cuong, Director of CCCO shares his points of view before declaring the end of the meeting

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