Da Nang city publicized the initial Strategies of Resilience
22/11/2016 11:25:48

Sep 28 2016, Da Nang city made public the initial strategies of resilience in order to enhance the resilient ability for the city. Vice chairman of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh city and Mrs. Lauren Sorkin, Regional Co-Director, Asia & Pacific for 100 Resilient Cities, presiding the conference, announced and discussed the methods to implement the strategies in the time forward. There were also many other officials from the office of government, local authority departments and sectors, associations and federations, NGOs and representatives of the entrepreneurs attending the release conference. 

The strategies of resilience of Da Nang city were effectuated by the office of resilience and other inclusive departments and sectors of the city. At the same time, the assistance from the 100RC program, the strategic alliance with ISET and other important partners also played a key role in contributing to the development of the strategies. Consultancy was constantly held throughout the process of building and finalizing these strategies. After the consultancy from 100RC board of executives, reports of the program were presented to the Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh city and members of the consultant board, and were highly agreed upon in terms of tactics as well as most prioritized steps to initialize the resilience armor for Da Nang city. Ideas focus on stormproof accommodations, micro-insurance, financial reserves for natural disasters solutions, public area renovation, and consolidation of the Da Nang Disaster Management Center. 

 Mr. Ho Ky Minh, Vice chairman of the People’s Committee of Da Nang city, presenting at the conference.  

Da Nang city is rapidly developing in regards of transportation, service and tourism but at the same time dealing with many problems like natural disasters and negative consequences of the extreme urbanization. Due to the impact of climate change, storms are getting stronger which cause immeasurable damage to the city; uneven distribution and drastic increase in rainfall result in droughts in the dry season and floods in the rainy season. The poor and marginally poor of the city are living in an unstable working condition and inaccessible to the healthcare service, education, accommodation and other services. For the last several years, the city authority has been trying to bring about some creative models that can enhance the ability of climate change resilience, including flood early warning systems and city planning improvement. This plan will continue to improve and more solutions will be produced to resolve other related socio-economic issues.


The objectives of the program and the integrative approach in creating an ability of resilience are genuinely what the city is striving for to last and to develop further in such a challenging and ever-growing condition. The strategies of resilience can help the residents, the community and all the systems in the city to prepare and recover more quickly after the shocks and stresses that the city has to endure, making the city a strong community and urban system that can withstand high stresses and shocks.

The strategies of resilience cover to 4 important objectives that can resolve the challenges, each specifically designed to improve the city and community:


- A peaceful city: where all the people live in peace, help each other work, and build this city. The main job is to extend the loan packages for the community to build stormproof houses; assess the risks to the city before the storms and test the insurance for stormproof house programs.


- A proactive city: where the community and entrepreneurs can fulfill their needs and cooperate in internationalizing with the global economy. The main job is to further support children of workers in schools, to find distributive branches for agriculture organic produces and improve public areas of the city.


- A well-prepared city: where the city facility and environment is recovered, rejuvenated and assured to cope with challenges during the development process and shocks and stresses. The main job is to widen the flood drainage system and research into energy proficiency in buildings.


- An interactive city: where information channels are closely inter-connected and shareable to deal with shocks or stresses. The main job is to consolidate the natural disaster warning management system and carry out a system of different communication channels.

The strategies of resilience make a historic mark in the process of development of Da Nang city. Da Nang has been robustly developing but maintaining to live up to the attainment in the future is not of less importance. These comprehensive strategies of the city will assure that everyone will receive care and assistance, live and rise above the surface of all shocks and stresses that the city has to face, especially the vulnerable ones.

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Ho Ky Minh – Vice chairman of the People’s Committee of Da Nang city highly valued and appreciated the support from the Board of Executives of the program 100RC, ISET, international organizations and other significant partners for the favor and attention for Da Nang city over time and hoped for the continued support in the time to come. Da Nang will try its best to implement many different ideas proposed in planning programs and socio-economic plans to prepare for and minimize the effects of natural disasters; cope with climate change; empower resource management and environment protection. Elected as one of the first 100 cities to pioneer in the program 100RC, Da Nang has been leading in the movement of resilient cities and will continue to spread this movement to other cities in Vietnam, Asia-Pacific regions and over the world. 

100RC will remain its partnership with Da Nang city so as to connect with other 99 cities in the network and share the best practical ways and experience that other cities have to endure, according to Mrs. Lauren - Regional Co-Director, Asia & Pacific for 100 Resilient Cities. The program with great honor continues to help the city in documenting the perfect strategy plan. I believe that Da Nang will do a good job in implementing this plan with the highest unanimity and support from all the partners. Da Nang will prove to cities like New York, Singapore or Sydney that it will go on to be the role model in terms of resilience. 


                                                                                                                        Minh Quy

Here are some photos at the workshop: 






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