Da Nang starts the implementation of the resilience strategy
22/11/2016 16:03:24

In the framework of the 100 resilient cities (100RC) pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation, on 25 – 26 October, 2016, Da Nang Climate Change Coordination Office (CCCO) in collaboration with the executive board of 100RC held a workshop on building a plan to implement the project’s phase no.3 – To implement the strategy of resilience. Representatives from CCCO and the executive board of 100RC as well as a delegation of Bangkok Resilience Office led by Mr. Supachai Tanticom, Chief Resilience Officer (CRO), attended the workshop.

The workshop’s objective were to improve the capacity building action planning to implement the strategy and developing the drafts of priority projects; to practice tools and processes to build the plan of the strategy’s implementation; and to develop an action plan for the first year after the city’s strategy of resilience is issued.

During the two days of the workshop, participants discussed three key issues: The plan to institutionalize CCCO in order to enhance their role and position in the administrative management system; Identifying priorities and action plans for the first year; and the communication plan over the strategy’s implementation.



Regarding the plan to institutionalize CCCO, Mr. Dinh Quang Cuong - Da Nang CRO and Mr. Supachai shared the opinions about the obstacles, legal and institutional barriers of the establishment of a new resilience office in a government system. Thus, CCCO was flexible to and adaptive to survive sustainably and operate effectively. The integration of the roles, function and activities about resilience into CCCC’s responsibilities is necessary for it to develop and serve as the first resilience office in Vietnam. To continue to survive in the coming time, CCCO needs to have and a clear and detailed action plan and implement it effectively. The result of the strategy’s implementation is an important foundation to prove the meaning of CCCO’s survival and operation to the city’s authorities and the executive board of 100RC. Also, CCCO should continue to call for new investment projects and cooperation to expand the Office as well as take advantage of financial and technical aids to enhance CCCO’s operation.


About the plan of the strategy’s implementation in 2017, CCCO and the executive board of 100RC agreed on the implementation of 08 priority actions, especially finishing 03 actions bringing fast results in the first year. The criteria for the screening and selection of priority actions are the city’s political priorities, actions bringing fast results, the city and 100RC’s available financial and technical aids, and the actions’ replication in the next years. After evaluating and assessing 12 priority actions of Da Nang, 25 priority actions of the executive board of 100RC, 08 feasible actions are selected and 03 most potential initiatives will be implemented in 2017: To pilot insurance package of storm resistant house; to build public space in Nai Hien Dong Ward; and to implement “Building Energy Efficiency Accelerator” project in Da Nang.


With a view to promoting the image of CCCO as well as the 100RC program’s activities in Da Nang, CCCO will continue to maintain and update the portal of CCCO and the 100RC program in the city. Also, CCCO will build the activities’ newsletters published quarterly and sent to the city’s authorities, relevant departments and agencies for their information update.



In addition, participants attended a field trip to storm resistant houses and multi-functional community houses in Lien Trieu district and Son Tran peninsula. The field trip helped the participants to have more practical information about the projects implemented as well as to recognize the actual effectiveness of projects on response to climate change and mitigation of disaster risk implemented in Da Nang.


At the end of the workshop, Ms. Elizabeth Zee – Vice President of 100RC and Ms. Lauren Sorkin – Director of Asia-Pacific region fully appreciated the city of Da Nang’s support and the participation of the delegation from Bangkok Resilience Office holding the workshop successfully. The workshop is an important step and foundation for the city to continue to build the plan for the next year on the basis of local practices as well as for the 100RC program to identify efficient aids and solutions for the network’s cities. Thereby, the resilience of the cities in the network will be built sustainably and lead to profound positive effects on the community and the authorities.


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